EM Seminars returning 2022

With COVID removing any option we had of hosting our Express Maintenance Bootcamp Seminar last year we wanted to check in and see how many of you would be interested in attending (or sending attendees) to another Bootcamp in June of 2022.
Like the last two we would hold an “Intro” and a “Master” class (2 days each or 4 days for both)  to cover all users from beginners to experts.  Scroll down for agenda topics and please fill out the form below to help us gaugge interest and plan accordinly. 

We’re excited to see you!

Popular Topics:

Get ready to learn ALL  The latest features and more!

INTRO TO EM: 2 day course
– Mobile Application Demo and Best Practices
– Express Request Usage and Best Practices
– Data Entry
– Codes – Best Practices
– Work Order Entry
– Work Order Completion
– Work Order Management
– Planning and Scheduling
– Parts Inventory
– Purchase Orders
– Parts Receiving

ADVANCED: 2 day course
– The Lifecycle of an Asset
– Enterprise Asset Management
– Services: Best Practices, Grouping by Line and Type
– The CMMS Wheel
– Organizational Entropy and who culture drives success
– Maintenance Managers KPI Reporting Guide
– Preventive and Predictive Maintenance
– How to use your data to hire more employees
– How to use EM to improve your wrench time
– How to use EM to improve your downtime
– How to use EM to decrease maintenance dept expenses.

And this doesn’t even cover all of it.

So, if you might be willing/able to go and would like to stay in the loop on how this seminar is developing please fill out the interest form to let us know.

There will be limited attendance but by letting us know how we can start to gauge if we need to increase the class size from last time.

Thank you so much for helping us gauge how best to serve you!