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Reduce equipment downtime by identifying problems before they can be seen, heard or felt by operators and mechanics.  Our Express Engineering Services for Asset Management Engineering Services are a-la-carte services aimed at equipping you with the knowledge and expertise of how to maintain your Express Maintenance database without having to hire someone internally. This solution meets the dilemma of high-turnover, poor data entry and staffing issues.

PM - Planned Maintenance

  • PM Optimization

PdM - Predictive Maintenance

  • Increase Uptime
  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • Increase Process Stability

Maintenance Data Management

  • Work Order Closure
  • Parts Data Management

Root Cause Analysis


KPI Reporting

  • Auto Reports Generation
  • Weekly & Monthly Reports

Data Counts

  • PLC Integration with Express Maintenance CMMS

Reduce Energy Loss

Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) and Predictive Maintenance (PdM) are major contributors to the evolution of the manufacturing process, supply chain mangemnet and lean manufacturing principles


Increase Operational Uptime

Minimize unplanned downtime, reduce repair costs and detect the ‘actual’ condition of assets and equipment without distruptions to production


Reduce Carbon Footprint

Predictive Maintenance (PdM) utilizes advances in technoloy to improve OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) by decreasing downtime and improving process performance and end product quality. 

Engineering Services:

We’ll show you how to effectively leverage cutting edge technology with analysis and reporting methodology to create the right Predictive Maintenance Program for you.

Predictive Maintenance (PdM) ensures that assets and equipment perform at optimal levels.

Reduce equipment downtime by identifying problems before they can be seen, heard or felt by operators and mechanics.

This allows time for MRO purchases and planning for the repair around a previously planned downtime event.

Finding and repairing problem components in the early stages of failure often saves other components in the system from failure, which saves yet more money and more time.

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Our capabilities have been enhanced and performance has improved.”

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