Express Maintenance - #1 CMMS

The #1 Tool for your Maintenance Team

Meet the demands of your day with confidence: track and manage work orders, increase wrench time and stand audit ready with proven, affordable maintenance management software. 

Our Clients choose us for:



With Express Maintenance all features come standard 


Ease of Use

Express Maintenance has a simple, easy-to-use desktop and mobile interface


Expert Support

From implementation to world-class asset management we’ve got you covered with our expert manufacturing engineers on standby to help you get more out of your system and achieve your operational goals.

CMMS Software from Express Maintenance CMMS
Express Maintenance CMMS Mobile App

Build Your Own Custom Experiences

With Express Maintenance, everything is integrated and flows smoothly.  There is no switching between modules.  Everything is together in one easy to use interface.

Don’t compromise

Express Maintenance is a trusted, best-in-class Enterprise Asset Management CMMS software with competitive features.

Schedule a DEMO and ask the questions that matter most to you and your operation.

All Enterprise Assets can be included

Monitor the health of all your critical assets and machinery.

Accurate Parts Tracking & Inventory Management

You decide what to track based on your particular management needs.

Standardize Preventive and Predictive Maintenance

Set up PM and PdM Programs with OEM Standards. This is especially beneficial for new-hires.

You define equipment and assets

You decide the level of detail based on your management needs, or based on our recommendations for best management practices. The more detail about your production and maintenance equipment you track, the better the management decisions can be justified

You decide the order of appearance

Fields in the Work Order Details can be rearranged and even turned off. 

You decide the critical elements

Express Maintenance allows you to track work at the level of detail that matches your needs

Designed for all maintenance work to be tracked on Work Orders

Finally, you will  have data to show  the effort that goes into your maintenance program.

Automatic Scheduling

Eliminate confusion regarding unit servicing.  Adhere to the manufacturing maintenance manual or customize scheduling as needed.


Express Maintenance

Express Maintenance (EM) is a complete equipment maintenance software program Designed for rugged multi-user environments, it’s affordable and easy to use.  Express Maintenance automates preventative maintenance and non-scheduled maintenance for any type of equipment.

Our Customers

Our clients include large and small companies in 30 different countries.  They are manufacturers, schools, hospitals, utilities, municipalities, trucking firms, plants, facilities, airline terminals, energy companies, healthcare, building managers, landscapers, contractors and service firms.

Powerful Maintenance Management Software

Express Maintenance generates work orders, tracks scheduled services (PMs) and manages maintenance history, employee time, downtime, parts inventory and purchase orders.  Our built-in report builder gives you actionable data and insights you need to be confident in your maintenance program.