Express Maintenance Mobile App

Easily complete and manage work orders

Enter and edit work orders on the fly

Submit and follow up on maintenance requests

Monitor the health of all your critical assets and machinery

Increase data entry and regulatory compliance

Increase wrench time and overall efficiency (OEE)

Easily convert requests to Work Orders

via Mobile Device or Tablet

Align team & strategy

Keep your maintenance management strategy and your maintenance team aligned with Express Mobile!

Automatic Notifications

Mobile alerts allow maintenance personnel to convert work order requests quickly and easily.

Explore Work Order Details

  • Equipment (General Info Screen)
  • See Service Instructions (show services screen)
  • Attach parts
  • Service History

Enter Work Orders on the go

View and add notes and photos

Empower your technicians

Increase labor force efficiency by empowering technicians to execute and close Work Orders

Express Mobile 2.0

The new Express Maintenance mobile application works in tandem with the latest version of Express Maintenance (v9.8.x).

New Features include:

  •  Convert Work Order Requests to Work Orders
  • Create On-Demand Work Orders
  • Complete PMs and Repair Work Orders
  • Add Parts to Work Orders
  • Create Purchase Orders with barcode scanning
  • Receive parts with Barcode scanning

The Express Maintenance Mobile application is now available for major platforms: iOS and Android 


EM update is required

The Express Maintenance Mobile Application requires the latest version of Express Maintenance CMMS