Express Maintenance CMMS can provide you with the tools you need to succeed at being more proactive with your assets through automating your PM program, tracking demand work orders and the associated cost of labor, parts, downtime, and overall maintenance.
You CAN keep and maintain parts inventory through our parts inventory, purchasing, and receiving module but this is where it can be a bit tricky for ERP users. 
I’ve spoken with many customers who aren’t using the Express Maintenance Parts Inventory system because they want to avoid the nightmare of double-entry. But with our integration services we have successfully customized APIs for some of our largest customers with ERPs like SAP, Microsoft Dx, Oracle, and more. 
Here’s how it works. When you consume a part on a work order it reduces your quantity on hand. Assuming you have an accurate inventory and MOH (minimum on hand) set you can use the Express Maintenance “Re-Order” menu to assess which parts have or will meet their MOH and proactively re-order those parts before you need them. 
From there you can take your reorder list and place a PO directly to the vendor. When the parts come in you can receive them and, therefore, increase your QOH (Quantity On Hand). 
Sounds great right? 
But, if you’re reading this you probably have an ERP system that places the PO’s for you and also receives the parts for you. But that doesn’t help you! You’re stuck with missing out on a key KPI data for your Total Cost to Maintain report. 
So how do we fix this? 
We integrate! At Express Maintenance we work with your ERP provider to create an API (Automated Programming Interface) that will pass Purchasing and Receiving information back and forth from Express Maintenance and the ERP. 
Now, if you have any experience with and ERP you’re probably cringing right now. You’re probably saying, “There’s no way our ERP is going to allow Express Maintenance access to it.”.
And you know what? We agree!
You should not allow your maintenance software any level of access to your ERP data. So we developed a work around. 
What we do is we create a “safe folder” where both Express Maintenance and the ERP can easily communicate with and grab only what is essential. We work with your ERP provider on what data is required and then we let the technology do the work for us!
It’s that easy.
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